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!@#*#)($*$(%&%(%*#$*%$%)@ [22 Sep 2004|06:45am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

So that I can convince my father I am not a depressed suicidal freak...

New LJ... pixie__corpse.
Add it, bitches.

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o_0 Dictator Bush? [17 Sep 2004|06:56pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I had the strangest dreams last night. All I remember about the first one is that two really old black guys tried to kill me and my dad. o_0
In the second dream, AuZz and I were locked in a warehouse in the mall where George Bush was the dictator. At first he didn't know we were in there and then he found us and we convinced him that we'd help him get more people for him and kill people and all that wicked stuff. And, so he walked out into the open mall with us and AuZz and I started screaming for help, but no one in the mall seemed to notice. So, then, George Bush stabbed me with scissors in my stomach and then went to get AuZz... but, I painfully ripped the scissors out of my tummy :( and stabbed Bush and he fell., but he was a robot, so he didn't die and he sent his dictor police friends after us and they chased us.. so then we ran and discovered we had super powers and we could go invisable. And, we stole a car and drove like mad and crashed into a carnaval and found out we could fly. But, then I woke up. And, in my third dream, I was turned into a vampire at Sacred Grounds and the vampire slayer was this really hot guy with Jake (from The Casualties) mohawk... and his friend gave me a soul so yeah. And, then, I wokeded up. :)

Anyways... Enough babbling about dreams.
I went thrifting at the Salvation Army today with my aunt. I got really cool '80s looking clothes... Because I rock. Then, we went to the mall and I bought studs, patches, and pins for my jacket. I bought (well, my aunt bought) a Dead Kennedys patch, Dropkick Murphys patch, a Tinkerbell patch, a patch that says "Kiss Me I'm A Pirate", another patch that says "I <3 Pirates", and a kitty skull and crossbones patch. I put 'em on my jacket because I'm cool like that.

Well, tonight I'm going to Sacred's with Ultra-Jew, Bill, and Conlin. It's the SkaFest... and I must say, for me, I'm looking pretty damn hot tonight in my black boots, mini skirt, black tank top, and... SUSPENDERS (and, my jacket)! And, I never say that about myself... so, I must actually look good. :P

Monkey can eat his heart out... and then choke on it. ^_^

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Friends Only, Kiddies. [12 Aug 2004|01:14am]
[ mood | cold ]

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